Welcome to the home of the Knightmare Audio Series - a series of Knightmare but portrayed completely through audio! Listen to teams tackle the catacombs of Treguard's dungeon in the adventure of Knightmare - the next best thing to a new series on the TV! Knightmare was a children's show that was originally aired on CITV from 1987 to 1994 and used Chromakey techniques to place a dungeoneer into a virtual world, with three advisors to guide them through the dungeon - facing characters, creatures, puzzles and casting spells along the way.  For more information, check out the Knightmare Website, which is linked to at the bottom of the page.  The series was devised by Ross Thompson, and he has also done the bulk of the editing.

Series 1 (based on Series 1-3 of Knightmare) ran for 16 episodes, released monthly from July 2010 to October 2011.  It was scripted by Jake Collins (70%), Ross Thompson (23.8%), Rosey Collins (6%) and Gemma Dwarwood (0.2%) and edited by Ross Thompson.  Each episode lasts approximately 28 minutes.

Four specials (based on Series 4-8 of Knightmare) were released between the first two series - two Christmas Specials (in 2011 and 2012) and two Summer Specials (in 2012 and 2013).  

Series 2 (based on all series of Knightmare) began in August 2013 and ran for 16 episodes, released bimonthly, until February 2016.  It was scripted by Jake Collins, Rosey Collins and Ross Thompson.  Each episode lasts 30 minutes. 

Four new specials, for Summer 2016, Christmas 2016, Summer 2017 and Christmas 2017, have also been released.  With this set of specials, the series came to an end and no further episodes are planned.

Short skits (or comedy vignettes) set in the Knightmare Audio Series world have also been released.
People who have offered their vocal talents to the series are Clym Angus, Eddie Boshell, Melissa Chatterton, Catie Clark, Jake Collins, Rosey Collins, Amy Davies, John Dougrez-Lewis, Gemma Dwarwood, Ben Fieldhouse, Greg Ford, Becs Houghton-Berry, John Hughes, Phoebe Hung, Olga Jach, Roy Jackson, Antony Jeffries, Stacey Johnson, Sara Lai, John Liu, Andy Marshall, Ellie Marshall, Jordan Munn, Matthew Narroway, Fionn Noonan, Martin Odoni, Zoe Okere, Roz Pearson, Antony Rowe, Euan Russell, Cassandra Smith, Ricky Temple, Juliet Thompson, Luke Thompson, Phil Thompson, Ross Thompson, Mike Tyson, Damon Wakes, Jacob Ward and Alex Weaver.

Please note that the Teams page features spoilers to events happening in the episodes, so only look at this page once you are up to date with the episodes uploaded so far.  The same applies to the cast lists on the series/specials pages.  Also, please leave a note in our guestbook to let us know what you think! Please join the mailing list if you would like updates to your email inbox when new episodes have been uploaded.



The Knightmare Website - All the information you need on the show

The Dunshelm Players - A series of audio plays inspired by the show, including dramas and comedies

The Eye Shield - An online magazine based on Knightmare, with most issues written by our very own Jake Collins

FreeSound - Our sound effects library
 A.R. Collins: Writer - A website featuring works by one of our writers, Rosey Collins

Cavalier Audio Plays - Audio plays produced by one of our actors, Gemma Dwarwood
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